The Bird Life


Bio.     A little about me...



Who are you?    I'm Harris Thornton - Illustrator, Graphic designer and fully fledged Yorkshireman


What do you do?    I create stuff for things, brands, people and places


What kinda stuff?    Mainly Illustration for print and digital platforms, 

 Graphics, marks and logos  |Product and apparel graphics | Repeat print and pattern | Jersey design, Trim and apparel branding.


 Why?    It's in my bones




What's your experience?    Years of hard graft. I work with with loads of start up brands and a handful of established brands too


Anyone we'd know?    Timberland , Jack Wills , Hoax,  TOG 24 , Boden , Mr.Grieves studio, So We Flow. . . to name a few


What's your style?    Whatever you need! I'm really diverse, and get a kick out of loads of different mediums and styles,

I work very closely with clients to make sure their visions comes to life. 


What can we expect?    A super pro attitude towards projects. A stress free experience with a quality result


- FAQ -


What is The Bird Life Design Co?    Going freelance was  a huge turning point. When The Birdlife hatched, so did the freedom to create.


Where are you based?    I currently live and work in the big smoke (London)


How can I contact you?    Use the contact page and I'll be in touch. Or, drop me a line through Instagram ( follow the link below )